"In A World..." is a funny look at voice-over competition

CAPTION: Alexandra Holden (left), Lake Bell (middle) and Fred Melamed (right) star in "IN A WORLD..." PHOTO BY BONNIE OSBORNE

By Gary Darling
Staff Writer

The first time I was introduced to the talents of Lake Bell, it was in the satirical comedy based on medical dramas known as “Childrens Hospital.”

Now the show isn’t the greatest, but I could tell how talented this woman was.

When given a chance to see her in her directorial debut, I figured she would at least keep me laughing.

Boy, was I right.

Not only did she direct this fun-filled comedy, she also wrote and starred in it as well. Talk about your traditional triple threat talent.

Sometimes when a talented actor tries to take on directing or writing a movie, it doesn’t always work.

That was my fear with “In a World ...” and Ms. Bell.

Could she still get the most out her acting talent if she is busy writing and directing the movie as well?

Does she ever.

The directing is top notch and the writing just screams with quality comedic moments.

This girl is talented, and I am glad to see her succeeding.

And, I assume, “In a World ...” is just the beginning for her.

When famous voice-over king Don LaFontaine died, so did his catchy trailer catch phrase “In a World ....”

Years later, right when the current king of voice-overs, Sam Soto (Fred Melamed), is about to receive a life-time achievement award, an upcoming film series, “The Amazon Games,” plans to bring back the famous phrase.

Instead of jumping at the chance, Sam decides to bow out and let his heir-apparent, Gustav Werner (Ken Marino) assume the role.

Then something happens that would change the sound of trailers for all time.

Gustav fails to show for a taping of another trailer because he is sick.

Sam’s daughter, Carol Solomon (Bell), provides a temp track in his place.

This gains the attention of the executive producer, who wants Carol for the job.

Unless, of course, she isn’t up to the challenge of taking on some of the best voice-over talents in the industry.

For me, this film was just great. It had enough comedy to keep me smiling and enough interesting content to allow me to enjoy the moments where comedy wasn’t paramount. It had a nice balance of both.

Now it wasn’t perfect. There were some moments that were a bit unsettling. Overall though, this was a slam dunk for Ms. Bell in her triple-threat debut.

3.5 out of 5 stars

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